I hope that you enjoyed your “summer” as that’s it for another year. Joking aside and perhaps a little selfishly I can’t say that I am too upset that the heatwave has ended ahead of the weekend.

There was a time when a large percentage of the AD audience would head off to Glastonbury but that was probably before it became known as “Glasto” and the weekend away cost as much as most people’s monthly mortgage payment. This year I hardly know anyone who is going. If you’re not off to “Glasto” then we will be more than happy to welcome you to The AD.


Our monthly series of TOTP specials have been really well received this year and there is a lot of interest in our Seattle Special on Friday night. Expect plenty of classic tracks from the likes of Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains alongside the regular TOTP faves. Normal admission prices apply specifically £5 entrance with one drink with our legendary £10 special being available to AD members.


Alongside our house Gins of Gordons and Bombay Sapphire we have a weekly guest gin. This weekend we are delighted to have Tanqueray Number 10 for your drinking pleasure. This is a Gin that needs to be afforded a little respect as it is a mighty 47.3% ABV or 94.6% proof in old money. The product may be super premium but as you would expect with the AD the price is budget with a large measure and a bottle of premium tonic setting you back just £4.


A respectable turnout last weekend in spite of the scorching weather although the aircon in the corridor and back bar was very much appreciated. Whilst most of you were in the garden / beach / pub last Saturday afternoon I was poised precariously up a ladder cleaning out the air conditioning units. This weekend the weather is forecast to be much more suitable for dancing to those 80’s classics

Thanks as ever for your continued support

— Neil and the team

MID MAY 2017

From time to time people ask me why I am so “straight” in these newsletters. In our world most communications from pubs and clubs go on about how awesome the night was even if there was only the proverbial one man and his dog there. For me I’ve always tried to be honest with the AD audience and I’m too old and ugly to change now. So in that spirit I’ll just say that last weekend was pretty quiet ( as is often the case immediately after a bank holiday ) and I’m looking forward to a much busier weekend ahead!


For a number of years there has been quite a serious problem in town with theft from venues. This has primarily been a problem with venues that don’t have cloakrooms and The AD has been largely unaffected by this. In recent months however cloakroom usage at The Club has fallen sharply and this may get noticed by some of the scrotes in town. It’s an unfortunate fact of life in 21st century Britain that if you leave a nice bag / coat / laptop unattended it’s likely to get lifted. Our cloakroom only costs 50p for members ( and runs at a loss for much of the year ) but if you want to keep your belongings safe and secure it is definitely 50 pence well spent.


The first of two TOTP nights this month. Tonight you can enjoy a request driven selection of classic hits from the eighties, nineties and noughties with a Britpop special to look forward to on Friday 26th May.


I know that we sometimes take it for granted but The AD really does have the best bar prices in town. On Friar Street this afternoon a cheeky (single) G and T for me and a bottle of Fruit cider for my friend cost a whopping £9.80 and that was with tonic water from a gun and not a bottle. A couple of weeks ago a new customer told me that he had paid just shy of £9 for a Double Gin and tonic on Gun Street. It was Tanqueray though he said. I then told him that he could have the same Tanqueray and Tonic for £4 at The AD!


Much copied over the years but the UK’s longest running 80’s Club night is still here and still attracting a fantastic mix of new and longstanding customers to The AD.

— Neil and the team

MAY 2017

Overall April wasn’t our greatest ever month but at least it finished on a high note last month with the combination of boxing, beer festival and the UK’s longest running 80’s club night proving to be a winning one on Saturday night. There was also a pretty respectable turnout at The Jam / Paul Weller tribute night on Friday although the composition of the audience was not really what I expected with a good 80% of attendees comprising occasional or new customers. I don’t think I am giving away any trade secrets if I say that we would welcome a little more support from our regulars on Friday nights.

On the subject of the Beer festival we have quite a large number of unclaimed commemorative beer glasses in our cloakroom. Unless they are on a ticket we will throw them away after this weekend. A lot of people choose not to use the cloakroom which is their choice and we would never force people to put coats in a cloakroom like some nightclubs. Please remember though that if you choose to save 50p by not using the cloakroom and then leave your coat completely unattended there is nothing that we can do if someone subsequently makes off with it ( either by accident or design ).


A good way to start the new month with an evening of Rock and Alternative sounds coupled with selected AD favourite tracks from the past 25 years. £5 entry and one drink and AD members can take advantage of the £10 special giving them an unmatchable entry and three drinks


Officially the old paper £5 notes cease to be legal tender on Friday but if you have any left we are happy to accept them over the weekend. £10, £20 and £50 notes are welcomed too!


We accept credit card payments (including American Express) at the door and the top bar but not in the back bar. When there is a queue however it would help us if you could use cash at the door and card at the bar as card payments at the door can slow down the queue quite considerably. This is not often a problem but it was an issue at Fools Gold and last Saturday evening


Even in more challenging times Success continues to deliver some cracking nights at The AD with fantastic music and a great mix of people. If we haven’t seen you for a little while why not remind yourself of what you have been missing.

Thanks as ever for your continuing support

— Neil and the team


Easter has traditionally been a big weekend in the AD calendar. Some of our more longstanding customers will undoubtedly remember a time when we used to open all four days over the weekend. We used to run an incentive whereby anyone who came to the first three nights would get free entry and a free drink on the Easter Sunday. There were always some takers. That was then and this is now as the saying goes and this year we are focusing on two big standalone nights.

Last weekend was a bit of a strange one. A pretty disappointing turnout on both nights if I’m being honest, but a surprising number of Double Darkers given the poor turnout. There was a definite feeling of people saving their energies and cash for the Easter weekend.


Twenty Two years since the first Fools Gold DJ’s Dan and Andy are once again sorting through their 12 inch singles and CD’s in preparation for one of the more keenly anticipated nights in the AD calendar. This is the Facebook event for the night. Please feel free to share widely!

We’ve had quite a few calls and emails this week from people wanting to buy tickets for the night. As we didn’t want to have to increase the price on the night we took the decision not to do advance tickets which means that 100 % of tickets will be available for purchase on the night at our regular super low AD prices. Doors open at 10.30pm. You can find further information and pictures from past events on the dedicated Fools Gold website

Whilst we are on the subject of websites there was an overwhelmingly positive response to the relaunch of the main AD website last week. If you haven’t checked it out yet take a look.


The AD is closed tonight. Good Friday has never been the biggest night on the clubbing calendar and many of us need an extra day off to recover from a Fools Gold special these days


Given the inclement weather forecast for the Easter weekend if you’re not jetting off to warmer foreign shores then what better way to spend a Saturday evening in Reading than dancing to your favourite 80’s tunes at Success. Normal AD prices and promotions apply.

We wish you all the very best for the upcoming Easter weekend and hope that you will choose to spend some of it with us at The AD

— Neil and the team